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Guided bike tour to Altes Land in Hamburg

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Altes Land offers you nature, technology and beautiful routes all at once. Via ferry boat we go to Finkenwerder to discover Altes Land and its villages. We also visit the Airbus area and laid-back Estebrügge and Cranz.

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Distance 30 km
Duration 4-4,5 hours with break (plus 2x 30min. ferry ride)
Price 32 € (plus. HVV-ticket for bus 62)
  All prices include bike, basket, helmet and 19% VAT.
We take our bikes on the ferry to Finkenwerder. From there, we cycle through a natural reserve and to Airbus. We enjoy the view of this area and if we’re lucky we can watch the Beluga airplanes starting and landing. Afterwards we cycle on sideroads to small villages like the idyllic Estebrügge. On the go we take a longer break to rest and eat, before we go back from Cranz to Finkenwerder, where we catch the ferry to St. Pauli.This tour focuses primary on cycling. The routes are perfect for it and a pleasure for everyone who loves riding a bike.
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