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Gentrification in Hamburg around St. Pauli, Schanze and Gängeviertel

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This bike tour is for everyone who wants to look behind the scenes of Hamburg. In cooperation with St. Pauli Archiv e. V. we show you the latest and historic projects of urban development, and how Hamburg has changed with times. In the limelight of this tour are the developments of Schanze, Gängeviertel and St. Pauli.

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Distance 10 km
Duration 2,5 hours
Price 26 €
  All prices include bike, basket, helmet and 19% VAT.
Particularly in hotspots of Hamburg like Schanzenviertel and Gängeviertel you can find a lot of successful projects for alternative city development. Learn from experienced activists about the latest facts and their scepticism on some building projects in Hamburg as they show you practical examples of alternative building. Discover places which are role models in cities around the world, like the legends Hafenstraße and Rote Flora. The demolished Esso buildings and other places of resistance demonstrate how to fight for affordable housing, global responsibility and neighbourly solidarity.
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